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I'm Sarah, a Midwestern born & bred girl living in sunny Tampa, FL with my husband, two fat & happy pugs, and one fluffy orange kitty.  My days are spent doing the things I love - cooking, baking, hanging out with my friends & family, running, strength training, and trying new restaurants.

I'm Maria, born and raised in Florida.  I live with a roommate, my husband, and two lovable pitbulls.  I'm borderline obsessed, I think some would say I've crossed the border, with training and racing.  I love to eat and try new foods.  But, food and me have a yes/no relationship most of the time.  Goes something like this:
"Would you like some more [insert delicious meal that you've already had two servings of]?" or "Would you like [insert favorite cookie, ice cream, or cake]?"
Answer: "Yes, please (I would love to eat some more deliciousness)"/"No, thank you (If I have another bite I'm going to explode and/or I will exceed my quota for calorie intake for the day and probably half of tomorrow's.).
I also love to travel and spend time with family and friends.  A great day is when I get in any combination of training, racing, eating, traveling, and being with my favorite people.        

We met through our amazing personal trainers, Driven Health and Fitness, a few years ago and soon bonded over a love of all things health and fitness related.  We now spend a lot of our time training together and traveling to races all over the country.  We're slowly but surely working to accomplish our goal of running a race in every state.
After finishing the Rock and Roll Savannah Marathon in October 2011

Having planned a very busy 2012-2013 race calendar, we decided it would be fun to document our adventures, and so Sweaty Sports Bras was born!

Thanks for visiting!

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