Tuesday, May 6, 2014

On My Mind Update

I posted a lot in 'On My Mind', so thought I should give an update on it all.

1) Isagenix - I deem the 9 day cleanse successful.  It's been over a month and I have been able to keep 5 of the 9 pounds that I lost off.  I will take on the 'Race to Maintenance' at the beginning of August to get ready for Augusta and IMFL.  My reason for waiting until August is to train heavy and race light.  'Race to Maintenance' is 5 days of Shake Days with 1 to 2 normal meals and snacks throughout the day, then 2 Cleansing Days.  Repeat until you reach the desired weight.

2) Harbour Island Athletic Club - I think I am going to stick with this club.  Everyone really is super nice and I haven't missed any of my swims in the last 2 months.  This is because I can't use the excuse 'I don't have enough time'.  Because really, 99% of my swim workouts are only about an hour.  Meaning, I can leave my house and be back in 1.5 hours.  It's hard to talk myself out of swimming when I know it will only take me 7 minutes to make it to the pool.

3) Strength Training - I have been sticking to my strength training regimen of at least 2 days plus the one day of strength training with Jon.  Some weeks this makes my legs or arms dead for the tri training stuff, i.e. swim, bike, run, but I just try to push through my workouts and give all that I can.  No rest for the weary, or wicked ;).  I have also been sticking to my plan of not eating carbs at night unless I have a big training day or race the next day and not eating before a workout if the workout is less than 90 minutes.  I think both of these have contributed to me keeping off those extra pounds.

4) Races -

  • HITS went pretty good.  I finished 5th female overall, 1st in my a/g.  Definitely glad that I dropped down to the Olympic distance.

Swim - 27:17
Bike - 1:15:26
Run - 44:44
Total time - 2:30:16
My bike could have been better, but there was quite a bit of wind.  Everyone was talking about it after the race so I was glad it wasn't just me being a wimp.  My run was awesome though.  The time off and dropping to the Olympic distance was a good idea.  I didn't have any issues with my Achilles.  This is the first time I've participated in a HITS race.  I enjoyed it.  The venue was good; setup and coordination were good also.  I would do this race again and recommend it to others.  

  • You can check out the recap for Haines City 70.3 here.
  • Hurricane Man was cancelled because of weather.  I ended up doing 80 laps in the pool (booooo!  Soooo boring!)  

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