Friday, May 22, 2015

2014 Recap, Thoughts on 2015

2014 Training Totals:
361,218 yards (205.23 miles), 117 hrs 51 min

3,597 miles, 212 hrs 47 min

1,121 miles, 157 hrs 26 min

73 hrs 16 min

2015 Goals:
Rose on my tri team posted a question to the group asking everyone to list one athletic goal for 2015.

My response: My 2015 goal is to win! EVERYTHING! Meaning, win my training sessions and win MY races (not necessarily the actual race).

I'll be racing 2015 as an elite and it's kind of scary. The thought of it and getting to talk about it is cool. I blush a little every time I tell someone. But, when I think about actually being on the beach for the swim start in a group of girls that are going to be on their bikes by the time I get out of the water is terrifying. I know I'm going to get out of the water gasping for air, wanting to bend over with my hand in the air, like "give me just a minute". But, I won't be able to do that. Hopefully I won't feel so defeated I'm like this: 

Nah!! I'm not that much of a quitter! But, that's ^^ pretty funny, right?

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