Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spin 11/14/13 - Endurance, Strength, High HR Intervals

11:00 W/U - I started with about 3 minutes of just spinning the legs and getting everyone to work towards getting to a Resistance Level (RL) of at least 5.  Then I had them stand up in HP2 for about  a minute and moved into Around the World (what I call moving around the different hand positions, i.e. HP2 -> HP3 -> HP1, repeat).  Finished the warm up with single leg drills - 15'' each leg, 15'' center, add resistance, repeat.
The Monster (ft. Rihanna) by Eminem, You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship, and Pompeii by Bastille

6:00 STEADY SEATED FLAT - 1 full turn, get RPM to 90 - 100
Beautiful by Ferry Corsten

4:00 SEATED CLIMB with PICKUPS - 1 full turn
Lightspeed by Dev

4:30 SEATED CLIMB TO STANDING CLIMB - 1 full turn at the start of the seated climb and another full turn at the start of the standing climb - change positions about half way through
I Party by The Far East Movement

5:00 STANDING CLIMB - 1 full turn at beginning, at 2:00, and at 4:00 -- remind the class that if they can't keep good form after adding add'l resistance to stop adding resistance and focus on using good form which means not using their entire body to push down on the pedals
SOS by DJ Santana

4:00 HP1-> HP2 -> HP1 -> HP3 WITH LEGS ONLY - Take a good 3 to 4 full turns off.  Some people may take off more.  Remind them to add back on enough resistance to hold their body weight plus maybe an extra turn to get to a RL between 5 and 6.  You'll hear the that are good for legs only.  The music slows down and there is less beat.  Change up legs only in HP2 and HP3.
Pass At Me (ft. Pitbull) by Timbaland

4:00 JUMPS - about 30'' of jumps with 30'' rest in HP1 for all 4:00.  Leave RL
Calabria by Enur Ft. Natasja

3:00 JOG with 1 min of seated sprints half way through the 3:00.  Sprints are 10'' on / 10'' off.  Leave RL
Dirty Talk (ft. Wynter Gordon) by David Guetta

3:00 SEATED SPRINTS 15'' on / 15'' off X6.  Leave RL
We Got The World by Icona Pop

3:30 SEATED SPRINTS 15'' on / 15'' off X 6.  Leave RL
Starstrukk ft. Katy Perry by 3OH!3

6:00 INTERVALS - 40'', 60'', 60''.  You'll hear the music pick up and that's when you start the interval.  First one is at 1:00, second is around 3:00, last one is around 5:00
Lost In Love by Legend B.  I don't know what version I have.  I've had it for years; I don't even know where I got it from.  So, I searched the web for ya's and the closest thing I could find was the Lost in Love (Taucher RMX) by Legend B off of the Lost in Love album.  It's a little over 3:00 which doesn't allow any time for rest period between the intervals.     
When I was searching for some help on the big WWW, I found it hard to get the some of the songs that were being used and trying to fit in the workouts to the songs.  So, if you can't find this song (which I'm almost 100% sure you won't because I just spent about 30 min looking for any 6:00 version of the song I have and could only find the 3:00 version) then just find another song that has 3, or if you want to push it, 4 long pieces of fast music that everyone can get lost in to pick up the pace and push themselves.  They don't all have to be 40, 60, 60.  But, each one needs to be at least 30'' with about an equal amount of rest in between. 

5:00 C/D - Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

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