Thursday, December 4, 2014

Orange Mud's HydraQuiver Pack

There's this company called Orange Mud that I discovered last year around this same time from an article on gift ideas for athletes.  They have this super functional towel that I requested as a Christmas present.  Check it out here.  So, I was perusing their site about a month ago and discovered that they have this hydration back pack called the HydraQuiver.  You can get details here.

I have a CamelBack pack and another water holder that is similar but from a different company.  Both work fine, but they are more for hiking or long site-seeing days.  I know they have ones specifically for running, but they have the bladder that is annoying to refill and clean.  The HydraQuiver uses a regular 24oz bottle.  I tried it out yesterday on my  6 mile run and it surpassed every expectation.  It's supposed to sit up high on your back which eliminated bouncing.  The material on the straps is soft and I didn't experience any chafing around my arms or neck.  I was wearing a tri tank top.  It felt super light and I wouldn't have even noticed I was wearing it if it wasn't for the sloshing of the water.  But, after about .5 mile I was able to ignore it.  Plus I wasn't listening to any music so the sound was right by my ears.  The water bottle is so easy to get in and out of the pack.  I was really amazed at this.  Especially putting the water bottle back.  I thought I would have a really hard time get it in the hole (giggle), but the opening is wide (giggle again), so it just slipped right in.  The pocket looks like it's small on the back, like it would just be half of the back.  But, you can stick your whole hand in and reach to the other side.  So, really the whole thing is a pocket.  And, there is a whole to stick your headset cord through.  There are also two small pockets on the shoulder straps for easy access nutrition like gels.  I have an 11 mile run on Saturday.  If my opinion changes or I have something to add I will update this post.  Otherwise, I think this has just become my new preferred long run hydration carrying choice.

After three weeks and half a dozen long runs ranging from 8 to 13 miles there are still no issues.  In fact, I've discovered something else great about it.  I used to get a slight pinched nerve on the right side of my neck by my shoulder.  Whenever I wear the HydraQuiver I don't have this issue.  I know this is a personal issue, but it's been really nice to not have my neck and shoulder hurt after 5 or 6 miles.  


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