Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

It's been a while.  Two major holidays down, one to go.  I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready to get back on track with a regular training and eating routine.  I've had a couple of good training sessions the last week though.  Last Thursday Sarah and I hooked up for a pleasant 19 mile run before work.  It was a nice run.  We held a steady pace that averaged out to 8:49 and took minimum rest breaks with virtually no walking.  Saturday I met up with a small group headed by a tri coach, Jon Noland with Tri Tampa Bay.  I may start training with him so this past Saturday was kind of a test drive.  We started the at 8 AM at a local track and did a total of 8.2 miles.  We had a 10 min warm up with stretching and then 2 laps at an easy comfortable pace.  Here's the rest:

2 trial laps - make a note of the time for each lap for later use: lap 1 - med/easy, lap 2 - hard
5 X 5 laps - each lap of each set was determined by the flip of the coin
set 1 laps: easy, hot (hard), hot, hot, easy
set 2 laps: all easy
set 3 laps: all hard
set 4 laps: easy, hot, hot, hot, easy
set 5 laps: easy, hot, easy, hot, hot

Cool down was a light jog twice around the track.

My easy laps were supposed to be at 2:04/lap, but ended up being between 1:50 and 1:55.  My hot laps were supposed to be at 1:32, but ended up being around 1:35 - 1:37.  I had a couple of hot laps at the end that were 1:30.  So, not bad considering I haven't done speed work like that in a looooong time.  Of course, being there with all boys who were the same pace or faster than me pushed me.  I'm glad there weren't any girls, actually because I probably would have "blew" myself up.  This is a new term that I have been hearing people use a lot.

After the track work we headed over to Davis Island for some speed and strength training on the bike.  We did one warm up lap, then 4 sets of one full lap (start at round about at Severn towards the baseball fields and make a u-turn to head back to the round about) in the hardest gear, half lap sprint, half lap easy.  It was freezing and there was a ton of wind.  My legs were shot after the first full lap.  Luckily some of the guys slowed down so I could catch up and draft off of them so I was able to complete another 2 sets without falling so far behind.

Given the training on the Saturday I think that Jon's group training sessions will be very beneficial to to my speed training.  I'm definitely going to get in more with his group training sessions.  Not sure if I'm going to use him for one on one coaching just yet though.  Maybe when it gets to be a couple of months out from Vineman. 

So, onto more fun things.  CHRISTMAS! and NEW YEARS!  Daniel and I had this year to ourselves.  We spent Sunday with his family and my parents went and did their own thing.  It was actually quite nice to not have anything to do on Christmas day.  We don't have anything planned for New Years either.  Well, anything big that is.  Our plan is to make dinner at home and then head to Ybor and find a spot to chill and get some dranks (yes, dranks, not drinks  :)).  I did spend most of Christmas Eve night and Christmas day playing with my new toy, the Nexus 7.  I plan on setting up all of my training on Training Peaks and keeping a PDF or some document form of my training so that I can take it with me to the gym or pool and I will always have my workouts ready so I don't have to try and memorize everything.  Then I can log everything immediately as well.  I spent about 2 hours looking for the perfect cover for this thing, though.  Geez Louise there are so many different covers.... covers with keyboards, covers that protect from clumsiness, covers with graphics, covers with stands, covers with pockets, covers with corner claws, clovers with all four sides covered, leather covers, rubber covers, covers with handles... See why it took me so long?  I still will probably have buyers remorse when I get the one that I finally decided on.  I ended up going with the MoKo Slim-fit cover.

We got the 2-year protection plan for an extra $28 which protects against everything, even regular wear and tear.  So, I figured I didn't need anything that super duper, just something that didn't add a lot of bulk and allowed me to cover or keep open the tablet.  I really wanted one that had a pocket too, but all the ones that did coverered all the sides of the screen and I didn't want that.  Eh, hopefully I'm so happy with this purchase the pockets will be an after thought.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you may celebrate!          

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