Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sweet Tooth Saturday

My husband has a HUGE sweet tooth.  In fact, it was his love of sugar that brought us together in the first place.  We lived in the same dorm our sophomore year of college, and I was feeling quite sorry for myself one Saturday night because finals were approaching, and I was forced to stay in and study.  In order to make this injustice more bearable, I decided to bake myself some brownies.  When I went to pull them out of the oven, I suddenly felt someone invading my personal space.  I turned around and saw this boy whom I had always thought was cute but a little stuck up peering over my shoulder with a longing look on his face.  I decided to be nice and offered to share my brownies with him. We ended up sitting in the lounge and talking until the middle of the night.  I was immediately smitten, but he was slower to wake up and smell the brownies, if you will.  However, my persistence eventually paid off, and here we are 15 years later.

Anyway, the point of that trip down memory lane?  One of the ways I try to keep the romance (anyone who knows me can positively hear the sarcasm dripping off that word) alive is by always having a homemade baked treat around for him to snack on.  Thanks to the many talented bloggers I follow, I have a constantly growing list of delicious treats to try out on him.  I wanted something quick, easy, and portable this week, so I chose these Flourless Peanut Butter and Nutella Oatmeal Cookies from Simply Scratch

Photography is not exactly high on my list of over to the original recipe for pictures that do these delicious cookies justice.

I made the recipe almost exactly as written, except I only had about a quarter cup of Nutella. I wanted to make sure the chocolate flavor remained strong, so I used a quarter cup of PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams to make up the difference.  I also made 24 cookies rather than 16 the original recipe indicates, and as far as cookies go, the nutrition stats aren’t too shabby.  
Nutrition information calculated on
Pillowy is the best word I can think of to describe the texture, and as far as taste goes….well, is it even possible to go wrong with the chocolate peanut butter combination?? I don’t think the husband was expecting a flourless cookie because his first comment was, “These are weird.  Good.  But weird.”  However, despite the “weirdness” of the texture, he proceeded to eat five of them over the next few minutes, so I am considering these a success.

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