Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Run I’ve Been Waiting For

Finally!! After what feels like weeks and weeks of torturous (dramatic much??) long runs, today was the day I’ve been longing for. We covered a little over 17 miles feeling strong and with a faster pace than we’ve seen in a few weeks.
2012-08-26 long run
Was it easy?  No.  It was tough, but it was tough in a satisfying way.  I had a subpar week as far as training goes. I was feeling tired and rundown, and only three of my fived planned workouts actually happened, so I was nervous about how this morning was going to go for me. We started at 5:30 AM in an attempt to beat the heat, and after two days off from the gym, it took awhile for my body to wake up and to find its rhythm.  Four miles or so into the run, I noticed that the miles were passing relatively quickly, and I settled in and started enjoying the cool breeze from Tropical Storm Isaac.  After the run, we went into the gym and cooled down with 30 minutes on the bike and a quick abs circuit.  It felt SO good to accomplish all I set out to do and to finish it feeling good after struggling to make it through the week. 
Today’s run energized me, and I am feeling ready to tackle the week ahead.  This week looks a lot like last week since I took a couple of unplanned rest days.  Normally I would just put missed workouts behind me and move forward, but right now I am following structured plans for both running and strength, and I want to make sure I don’t skip any of the prescribed workouts.
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 5.5 Miles of Repetitions: 4 x (200m in 0:48 with 200m jog + 200m in 0:48 with 400m jog + 800m in 3:11 with 400m jog), Chest/Biceps/Calves
Wednesday: Tempo Run: 3 x (12 minutes at 7:27/mile pace with 2 minute rests), Plyo Workout/Functional Exercises
Thursday: Stairs, Boxing, Legs/Abs
Friday: Interval Run: 6 x (800m in 3:24 with 3 minute recovery jogs), Shoulders/Calves
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest Day
In other news, today is our six year anniversary. I’m so lucky to be married to someone who never complains about the fact that virtually all of our vacations revolve around races I want to run and who never shows frustration with the fact that my alarm goes off before 5 AM most Sundays. Oh yeah, and there’s all that money I spend on running shoes and workout clothes and protein powder and Gu gels and the list goes on and on. In order to say thanks for always supporting me, I made my husband one of his favorite Argentinean desserts, pasta frola.  My pastry skills, much like my cake decorating skills, need a lot of practice.  The lattice work on the top should be thinner and the lines should be much cleaner, but it sure does taste yummy.  Besides, it’s the though that counts, right??
Pasta Frola 4

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