Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I’m Loving Lately

1.  This song.  Only 15 days until their new cd comes out.  I am seriously counting the days.

2.  The Newsroom.  This show is so smart and so well acted, and watching the way Jim looks at Maggie sort of makes me melt.

3.  Hot chocolate. Yeah, I know - it’s August in Florida. What can I say? I’m a freeze baby, and all that chocolaty goodness for under 50 calories can’t be beat.
Hot Chocolate

4.  This nail polish.  It’s a little bold for my hands, but I am loving it for my feet.


  1. When did you get long fingernails?? Or are those not your hands?

    1. Not mine - I still have the awesome habit of biting my nails. That color is on my feet right now though. I feel a little like Kermit, but I still like it.