Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beach 2 Battleship Race Week

T-minus 2 days and 10 hours!  You know what makes getting ready for a big race easier?  Uber cool friends (i.e. Sarah Gudmundson) that help you get last minute nutrition, makes you a card to wish you luck, and pumpkin goodness.


The pumpkin goodness is the Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin Pie.  I can’t wait to dig into that one! 

This week has been going smoothly.  I’ve been trying to keep what I eat simple. 

Monday’s and today’s breakfast was the Hot Banana Breakfast Quinoa with 1 scoop of peanut butter and a handful of nuts and peanut butter and chocolate chip mix, as well as 4 or 5 pumpkin spiced marshmallows.  I know, I kind of killed the healthiness with the marshmallows and pb and chocolate chip mix.  But, it makes it so much more yummy.  Tuesday I had a large protein shake from Beneficial Health and Nutrition… a little cafĂ© inside of LA Fitness.   

I’ve been eating 4 oz turkey veggie burgers from Fresh Market with a side of vegetables for lunch and 4 oz salmon burgers with veggies for dinner.  Monday is the only exception where I had spicy crab meat sushi made with brown rice.

As for my workouts, I did one last strength training session Monday morning and ran 2 miles @ 8:27 min/mi.  I know, it’s a lot, but I managed  Smile.  LOL.  Monday night I did yoga, Tuesday was an AM swim and a PM spin class.  Wednesday morning I ran 4 miles.  The run consisted of a .75 warm up, 2 – 1 mile repeats @ 6:39 min/mi with .5 mile jog after each mile, concluding with a .25 mile walk.  I finished up with an easy 30 minutes on the stationary bike and some abs.  Another yoga class ended the night. 

Daniel and I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon for NC.  I’m supposed to do another 2 mile run, but I may wait until Friday.

I don’t think I will be posting anything until Monday.  So, if anyone wants to track me, here is the link and my bib # is 269.  *NOTE: Nothing is going to show up until I cross the first mat coming out of the swim.  So, until then, it’s going to say that no participant exists.      

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