Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why I Love Training and Racing

I was finding it very hard to concentrate on work today.  That has been an all too often occurrence lately, though.  As I was driving to PetSmart on my lunch break, I realized why I was having a hard time concentrating at work and I remembered why I love running, triathlons, and just working out.  It was sooo beautiful outside.  There was a bird at the edge of a small man-made pond that was looking up to the sky with its wings wide open soaking up the sun.  Right then is when it hit.  I like working out and running and triathlons because I get to stop thinking and just do.  The bird wasn’t doing anything but enjoying the moment.  There are so many moments to enjoy when you’re training and racing.  You get to hang out with friends, accomplish new feats, see new sites… enjoy life.  That’s what so great about working out.  Sometimes it hurts.  But, it doesn’t last long and it always feels good when you’re done.  Even if you’re physically hurting, it’s usually because you just accomplished something huge.  And, in that case, you’re mentally on cloud 9.  I think that’s why it’s so hard for me to concentrate at work because I actually have to stop moving and focus.  Once I get focused, I’m only good for an hour or so until I have to get up. 


When I came back from lunch errands there were two turtles sitting at the edge of another little man-made pond just soaking up the sun.  It made my day a little more enjoyable.  I’m actually looking forward to my 7 mile run in the morning that includes 3 X 1 mile repeats @ a 6:43 min/mi pace.  I don’t know if that’s actually going to happen (a 6:43 pace), but I will give it a try.  I’ve been keeping it pretty low key since B2B with only 1 strength training workout, 3 runs (one was only 2 miles), and yoga.  So, I’m not sure how speedy I’m going to be.  But, I don’t care.  I’m just going to enjoy it, however it turns out!        

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